What You'll Want On Your Cruise

Desktop Power Strip with 3 Outlets and 4 USB Ports (with no surge protection, as required by cruise ships)

SPF 50+ Sport-Brella 4-Way Swiveling Adjustable Umbrella and Universal Clamp

Sport-Brella All-Weather and Sun Umbrella for Beach, Easily Portable

Triple Duty Gems!  Boca Towel Clips

Carnival only has one outlet in room, at the desk.  Use to charge multiple electronic devices at once such as phone, iPad, Kindle, hair dryer, etc.

Clips onto your lounge chair (stroller, wheelchair) and adjust as desired.  Designed longer on one end so you can reposition as the sun moves.

Don't rent a clamshell!  Bring this umbrella that's large enough for two people.  Has adjustable side panels, wind flaps and is easily portable.

Clip towel or clothes onto lounge chair, clip on chair to "save" your spot, and clip window curtains closed to keep sun from peeking through.

Wide Luggage Tag Holders (fits Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Norwegian+)

Narrow Luggage Tag Holders (fits Royal Caribbean & Celebrity)

Poo-Pourri "Before-You-Go" Toilet Spray in Ship Happens Scent

Cruise Lanyard for Ship Card and ID

Reusable luggage tags holders are a must to keep your luggage tags from ripping or being torn off.  Wide size fits Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Norwegian and more.

Reusable luggage tag holders keep your luggage tags from being torn or ripped off your bag.  Narrow size fits Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise tags.

Let's be honest... living in a stateroom is close quarters.  Why spray chemicals when you can spritz botanicals? Make bathroom odor nothing more than a whale of a tale with coconut freesia & citrus natural essential oils.

One of the top 5 items cruisers forget to bring is a lanyard for their ship card.  Since you'll be using your ship card often throughout the day, lanyards are a must have.

Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light with Dawn to Dusk Sensor (2 pack)

Small Travel Clock

Sturdy Yeti Travel Coffee Mug with Sipping Lid

Thermo Flask Travel Water Bottle with Built in Straw and Chug Lid Options

Your room will be very dark at night.  Recharge these using your power strip and place one in the bathroom and one in the stateroom at night.

Carnival staterooms do not come with bedside clocks and your phone will be charging over on the desk.  Tell time easily in the middle of the night.

Coffee is available all day long in thick, white mugs but the coffee cools quickly.  Easily carry your coffee, juice or even cruise drinks with no spilling!

Most of the bottled water is an additional fee.  Water is available on the Lido deck 24/7 and this water bottle helps to stay hydrated for free.

3-Speed Quiet, Small Desk Fan

Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband for Seasickness

Collapsible, Reusable Straw in Carrying Case

All-Purpose Strong Magnetic Hooks

If you're someone who gets hot at night, a small desk fan will help make your room more comfortable.  Insiders tip:  fans must be in carry on bag, they can't be checked through in luggage.

Sometimes even the sturdiest sailors succumb to seasickness.   

Carnival no longer offers plastic straws for most drinks.  Bring your own reusable straw, easy when they come in their own carrying case, cleaning brush and carabiner to clip on anything!

Many cruises have magnetic doors and/or walls.  Expand your storage with magnetic hooks.

12" Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery

Magnetic Small Dry Erase Whiteboard with Assorted Markers and Erasers

Hanging Shoe Bag with One Hook

Small Games for Adults or Children

If your kids have favorite DVD's, they can watch them anywhere at any time.  The TV in the stateroom has limited show choices for kids and this DVD player gives them some options when they're feeling fussed.

With their phones on airplane mode, seasoned cruisers find each other the old fashioned way by leaving notes on their door.  In case your door isn't magnetic, bring some Command picture hanging strips.

Keep things tidy by storing your smaller items in a hanging shoe bag.  Be sure to get one that can be hung from the bathroom door hook, not the over-the-door kind which scratch.

You might not play games at home but for some reason, playing games on ship just feels right.  For adults, try Rotten Apples, Exploding Kittens, Superfight, Say Anything, The Game of Things, Deck Around and more.