Personal Stuff:

How did you and your husband meet?
Playing Words With Friends on our phones!!! We were parents with kids at the same school but didn’t meet in real life until we’d been playing each other daily for over a month. (If you’re an eagle eyes WWF player you’ll see my appalling error in the game board to the left!)

Just how many kids do you have, anyway?
We have 5 teenagers. Four are currently in college and one is in middle school.

What’s it like blending 5 kids when they’re already teenagers?

It was definitely interesting and sometimes more exciting then we might have wanted!  All of our kids attended the same school and at one point we had a senior, junior, sophomore and freshman.  I had a cat, Todd had a dog, there was a lot of blending going on.  Their interests are diverse but sports are a biggie (sports in our house included football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball and fishing).  Dating stories are always rampant here.  ESPN is always on, especially during football season.

So you decided it would be fun to build a new house while blending 5 kids?

Yeah, pretty crazy, huh?  We all moved into an old, charming 3 bedroom ranch in a delightful little college town named Davidson and the fun began.  7 people who’ve just married into one anothers family’s living in about 1000 square feet with 1 1/2 baths!  Michael put his bed in the laundry room and the rest of us doubled up.  Hey, it was only 5 months.


Blog stuff:

How did you make that cool grid for your “What I Use page”?
Finding an easy-to-use grid was so hard for me!  I eventually stumbled across UberGrid on Themeforest.  It was easy to set-up by myself and offers what seems to me unlimited styling options.

I liked your recipe, can I share it on my site?

Of course, recipes are for sharing!  Please just give proper credit when you share recipes.  You may copy and paste the ingredients but you must write the instructions and notes in your own words.  If you adapt my recipe, please give me credit as your source or inspiration by linking to my specific recipe post.  If you include me in a feature or round-up, please give proper credit and if you send me a link to your post I’d love to read it!  You may reach me at kristen (at) the toastofthetown (dot) com or via my Contact page.

Can I use your photographs?

If you are sharing a link to one of my recipes (ie. in a feature or round-up) you may share one picture from my post as long as you credit The Toast of the Town AND include the permalink to the recipe post.  Any other use of any of my photographs outside of sharing my recipes is not permitted without my written consent.  All of my photographs are copyrighted to The Toast of the Town.  You may send me a message about photographs or posts via my Contact page.

Do I need permission to pin your recipes?

Nope, pin away, and thank you!

I like your blog/family/writing and would like to talk to you about working together.

Thanks for the compliment!  Please send me a message via my Contact page or email me at kristen (at) thetoastofthetown (dot) com to discuss restaurant review, media, advertising, giveaways, sponsored posts, recipe development, etc.