Earn Money Just Shopping Online

Earn money just shopping online for my everyday items? Sign me up! | dishanddelish.com

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Earn money just shopping online for my everyday items? Sign me up! | dishanddelish.com

Welcome, this is an affiliate post.  That means if you sign up using my link I’ll get a small commission at NO EXPENSE TO YOU.  This is how I support running this blog.

“Earn money just shopping online!” WHAT??  That’s gotta be a scam.  Lots of times it is.  Ebates isn’t one of them.

11 years ago I was a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) with no personal income and two little boys.  The internet wasn’t the amazing resource it is these days and opportunities to make or save money were rather far between.  Blogs weren’t a thing in my world yet.  Coupon sites were yet to be discovered by me.

My next Rakuten Big Fat Check

I waited eagerly for Sundays to get the coupon inserts and spent hours cutting and methodically sorting grocery store coupons.  I researched best practices for organizing coupons and discovered the one that works best for me and use it to this day.  I joined a coupon circle where we mailed circulars and coupons to one another.  I certainly couldn’t fathom a world where you can earn money just shopping online.  But I digress.

I’m not sure how I found it, but November 2007 I joined a site called Ebates.  It was probably one of the first affiliate marketing sites I learned about.  Basically, you click through the Ebates site to a store you normally shop at and they give you a percentage of your purchase back.

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.com

Lets say, you need something from Sephora.  I can never have enough moisturizer, you’ve gotta take care of your skin!  You place your order and Ebates will rebate you a percentage of your purchase price (today on Sephora it’s 3%).  Then go to the next store you shop at, let’s say Macy’s… buy a sweater… get 6% of the price of that sweater credited to your Ebates account.  Voila!  I earn money just shopping online, buying what I was going to buy anyway.

How do you do it?  If you’re the forgetful type and remember you should’ve checked Ebates first exactly as you just clicked “send” on your purchase, there’s an easy little widget you can place on your desktop. It’s called the Cash Back Button and it lives on your bookmark toolbar after you’ve downloaded it (aka browser extension button).  It automatically starts blinking in green when you go to to a website that has a cash back offer and you just click on it to activate your cash back!  See it below?

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.com

Once I click on the Ebates button it takes me to the site through their affiliate link and lets me know where we’re headed and how much cash back I’m going to earn on my purchase.

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.com

If I instead go straight to the store a little alert pops up and asks me if I’d like to activate Rakuten and get some cash back.  Um, yes, please!

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.com

Every quarter Rakuten adds up what you received back and send you a Big Fat Check in the mail.  One quarter I got an email that Rakuten just dropped a check for $30.19 in the mail to me for this quarter.  And I did nothing out of the ordinary, I was just doing my regular purchasing.

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.com

What did I buy this month?  I have no idea!  (Actually, I’ll show you.) So, why do I point this out?  Because I simply was living my life doing my normal online shopping, I didn’t go out of my way to buy from special stores to get money back.  I bought what I needed to buy during the month and just didn’t forget to link through Rakuten first.

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.comThe percentage you get back differs from store to store and changes at times.  At certain times, Rakuten ups the ante and offers specials like Double Cash Back.  Today, for example, all of the following companies rebates were doubled. 5X Cash Back Cyber Deals popped up one early December day.  Keep checking if you’re not in a hurry and can wait for a better deal.

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.com

Some places just give a straight dollar amount.  Some places, like Expedia, give a set amount. My son is studying abroad this semester in college and I had to buy him some flights for some excursions he went on with his school and they only give $1.25 no matter how much you spend.  But almost everyone else gives a percentage of your sale. (Check out Dyson, after a really intense summer at my job I treated myself to the Dyson hairdryer as a well-deserved reward and it’s heavenly! If you get one, make sure you get the metal stand as your bonus of choice, it’s the bomb.)

And by the way, let’s be real, I am perfectly aware that Sephora is actually rebating Rakuten a higher percentage and that they keep some of it and give me some of it.  But that’s how they make their money to stay in business.  Sephora wasn’t going to walk up to me and hand me a percentage back without them!

Is it safe to use?

Yes.  The Cash Back Button isn’t used to install any other software on your machine, it cannot harm your computer, will not impact your browsing and will not collect and share your personal information. Its only purpose is to help you earn Cash Back and get the best deals as easily as possible.

Does every online store participate in Rakuten?

No, they don’t all participate.  You’ll need to check the site you want to shop at to see if your store is part of it.

So, since 2007 I’ve received $684.44 for sitting on my butt, spending money I was going to spend either way for clicking through Rakuten.  Huge money?  No.  It works out to $62.22 a year.  But it’s $62.22 a year that all those companies would have kept in their own coffers if they weren’t rebating it to me.  And it definitely has gone to better use in my wallet!

How to make money while shopping using Ebates. Dishanddelish.com

Update:  One year later

My $128.03 Big Fat Check

Just wanted to share the check I’m getting in November 2019, a whopping $128.03!  I really don’t do any shopping online I don’t need to do.  I just use that little Cash Back Button and let it remind me to go try to through Rakuten every time I shop!  Voila!

Goodies mentioned today:

Dyson Hairdryer (not an affiliate link, but I just want you to know you can get the amazing $80 metal stand FREE as of this writing)

Rakuten (affiliate link, check out the goodies for yourself!)

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