Friday Fave ♥ My Bathroom Television

Friday Faves My Bathroom Television - What I thought sounded self-indulgent has turned out to be the most beloved and well-used item in my morning routine.

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It’s the last Friday Fave of 2016 and I want to tell you about something that always makes me happy and may sound like an odd choice… my bathroom television.

Friday Fave My Bathroom Television - What I thought sounded self-indulgent has turned out to be the most beloved and well-used item in my morning routine.

Todd and I built a house after we got married a couple of years ago.  It sounds indulgent but think about it… I had 2 teenage boys and he had a teen girl, a teen boy, and a tween who thought she was a teen.  It’s kind of hard to mesh those wildly different, and unrelated until a couple months earlier, personalities into 2 or 3 bedrooms.

It felt like we visited every appropriate house in our area but none would work for one reason or another (unless, of course, we suddenly won a lottery, then there were lots of homes to choose from!)

I actually fell in love with one house with a HUGE island and a HUGE kitchen bar area (the kind you pull chairs up to eat, not the kind you drink at.).  However, it had a minuscule family room and there was only parking for 2 cars in the small driveway and we were about to have 6 drivers.

We found a house plan we all loved in a developing neighborhood and there were three bedrooms for the three teen boys and we turned the bonus room into an en suite (bathroom and closet) for the two sisters.  We moved in one cold January and started our new blended family, aka TTOTT7.

While we were doing our electricity and A/V walk-through that winter we were shown the master bathroom.  The A/V contractor thought we’d asked for a jack in the bathroom but we hadn’t.

Our site manager offered to have it removed but I thought ahead quickly and said “no thanks!”  (You have to realize, when Todd and I owned separate homes, I had the kind of tvs that were about 60 pounds and 2 feet deep, I didn’t own a single flatscreen).

Friday Fave My Bathroom Television - What I thought sounded self-indulgent has turned out to be the most beloved and well-used item in my morning routine.

Once we moved in, I looked at that jack next to the outlet and innocently asked Todd if I could put a tv in our bathroom.  Happily, it was close enough to Valentine’s Day that he agreed and installed it for me.  (Ah, after being a single mom for 10 years I SO appreciate the little things!).

Funnily enough, the tv my electronics loving husband chose didn’t need a jack, just a plug, and that jack sits empty forevermore, a constant reminder that had it not been for it, I’d never have stumbled across one of my morning loves.

Friday Fave My Bathroom Television - What I thought sounded self-indulgent has turned out to be the most beloved and well-used item in my morning routine.

So moving ahead, I have a flatscreen tv in my bathroom, next to my sink and make-up area.  It sounds so indulgent.

But that tv cost less than a Valentine’s dinner out and I enjoy it every single day.  Being a non-electronics kinda person, I wasn’t really sure what to do with this tv without a DVD player… how would I watch my beloved movies I’ve seen 100 times over?  (Well, I couldn’t as he’d convinced me to sell them all on Ebay anyway while we were condensing our belongings for the big move.)

After enduring Todd nearly rolling his eyes out of his head, he showed me how modern tvs work in 2015 and logged me in to my Netflix account.

After revisiting some old favorite movies I entered the world of binge watching.  And I, the former bookworm/non-tv-watcher, became hooked on checking in with my shows each morning while straightening my hair and putting on make-up.

I polled the student staff and my coworkers and started off with the highest hopes for the Gilmore Girls, I just knew I was going to want to be Lorelei Gilmore, too!   Unfortunately, it was too slow for me even though on paper it was tailor made for me.

I moved on after season 1 and stumbled across Drop Dead Diva and was hooked.  I wanted Jane to be my best friend, I wanted to be as stunningly gorgeous as Stacy and be as smart, tough and beautiful as Kim.  I rooted for Jane and Grayson, I rooted for Jane and Owen.  Every morning I looked forward to catching up with my “friends” while I got ready for work and was sorry when it ended (I won’t tell you how).

I moved on to Royal Pains because in true IMDB way, I was looking up the actors of my favorite shows to find out interesting tidbits about them and the actress who played Deb Dobkins in Drop Dead Diva went on to be a co-star in Royal Pains.

Royal Pains turned out to be an absolutely delightful show about a MacGyver-esqe (am I dating myself?) multi-talented doctor who unfairly lost his job saving a poor patient instead of kowtowing to a rich patient.  He stumbles into concierge medicine to the rich and famous in the Hamptons.  I watched every episode for months, 25 minutes at a time and was sighed contentedly when it was over.

Again, time to move on.  The popularity poll at work suggested I next watch Scandal.  Everyone was talking about it and everyone recommended it.

I generally loved the first 1/3, was a little put off when Abby and Huck, went, errr,  off the grid a bit, and lost a little more interest that season when Olivia was a prisoner.  I’m currently one season behind as the current season hasn’t hit Netflix yet and I’m anxiously waiting for it to hit so I can catch up to the rest of the world.

One of my student workers suggested this summer that I watch Jane the Virgin.  I started watching in August, a little unsure, and after the first two episodes ended up completely hooked on this ridiculously outrageous and yet exactly right telenovela.

I loved Jane, I loved Michael, I came to love Petra, I loved Rafael.  Xo and Abuela are a little frustrating, but that’s what helps make the show.  And need I even mention Rose??

Plus, I’m finding my Spanish comprehension has improved, though I’ve been in the habit of leaving the closed captioning on since I can’t hear when my hairdryer is on and it makes a big difference on this particular show to catch all of the nuances.

I was so disappointed to say goodbye to Jane the Virgin in December.  It took from August to December to watch every show before work, btw.  I moved on to Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, not expecting to enjoying it so much, TOO!  Very different, but also very well written.

And I have to admit, I got a kick out of Abby’s and Jake’s last names being so similar in real life (Lisa Edelstein/Paul Adelstein).  I’m midway through this, on my weekday mornings (I have a rule that I don’t watch any of my morning shows at any time during the day) so I don’t know… will Abby choose Will?  Jake?  Will Delia marry Gordon?  What’s wild child Phoebe going to do next?  Why is BFF Jo here, what happened to BFF Lyla (Janeane Garofalo?)

So there you go.  My Friday Fave this week is my bathroom television.  I love the light distraction of watching favorite tv shows while getting ready in the morning (me!  the reader!!)

What’s your getting ready routine in the mornings?  And what binge-worthy shows do you recommend or love?  Comment below, I’d love to hear what you think, too!


Fondly, Kristen











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