{Famous} Loaded Potato Soup

Famous Loaded Potato Soup - This recipe for loaded potato soup will make you the go-to person when warm, creamy, comforting, delicious soup is called for. Filled with cheese, bacon, ham, sour cream or change it up, the recipe is that forgiving. dishanddelish.com

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THAT recipe… the one everyone knows you for and hopes you’re making.  Warm, creamy, comforting, potato soup reminiscent of loaded baked potatoes is brimming with ham, bacon, scallions and cheese.  Someone’s home sick?  Bring them your potato soup.  It’s snowing outside and you want something warm for the kiddies tummies?  Make them your potato soup.  Had a really bad day and need some comfort food?  Obviously, it’s a night for your loaded potato soup!

“They make the BEST {insert XYZ recipe name}” are the highest words of praise a foodie can receive.  You’re known for your killer appetizer or home-run cookies or the best soup in the state.  We all want to be that person who has the reputation for always bringing an A+ dish.

If soup is on your recipe shortlist for this week, be forewarned.  This isn’t the most waistline friendly dish I’ll ever post, but as for popularity, taste and plate-cleaning… you’ll win big every time!

Adapted from a nice basic recipe from our good friend Betty Crocker available here, this loaded potato soup will be met with happy faces round the dinner table every time.  It’s filled with cheese, bacon, ham, sour cream or change it up… delete the bacon, delete the ham, delete the sour cream, the recipe is THAT forgiving!


If you read my post about the foolproof way to perfectly cook bacon every time (read the post here) you’ll be like me and have some pre-cooked bacon ready to go in your freezer.  Just place 6 slices in a skillet to re-heat to your desired crispness.  Otherwise place 6 fresh slices in a skillet and cook, turning over halfway through.  Remove to a paper towel to drain off excess grease.  Chop into small bits when cool and set aside.

Chop an onion until you have 1 1/2 cups and drop into the bacon grease left in the pan, (adding more bacon grease (bacon butter) from your stash, as needed), reducing heat to medium.

Cook for a couple of minutes and then add 2 t chopped, fresh garlic or 4 t chopped, roasted garlic and saute for a couple of minutes, until the onion is tender and the garlic starts to release it’s fragrance.  Remove from heat.

Next, peel and cube your potatoes.  I like to make them in the general bite-size range but I’m not terribly particular as I know I’ll be slightly mashing the larger ones after they’ve cooked.

Put a 6 qt pot on another burner and add the 5 cans of chicken broth, the onion and garlic mixture and then carefully slide in the potatoes. Heat to boiling and then quickly reduce heat to just between medium and simmer.


Check after 10-15 minutes with a fork to see if the potato is tender.  Once potatoes begin to get tender they will start to slightly break down.

Carefully use your potato masher to mash about 50% of the potatoes, giving you a nice ratio of large and small potato chunks.  If they don’t mash easily, let them cook a few more minutes and test again.  You’re not trying to mash the potatoes into anything like mashed potatoes (ie. smooth) you’re just shooting for manageable bite-size chunks.


Grab the skillet you cooked the bacon in and drop in the stick of butter to start your roux.  See how there’s little bits of bacon still in mine?  That’s ok!   Allow the butter to melt and then add the 1/2 cup of flour.  Use a whisk to break up the flour/butter mixture (aka a roux) and mix, mix mix for 1-4 minutes.

Just a word about roux, allow it to cook for a minimum of 1 minute to cook off the taste of raw flour and up to 3-4 minutes.   It will thicken as it continues to cook so don’t leave there too long.  And don’t let it start to burn!


When the roux has thickened somewhat, add just 2 cups of your milk and stir well with your whisk. A spoon is not effective when mixing roux and incorporating milk.  The space between the tines of the whisk allow you to break up the clumps and more easily mix the milk into the body of the roux.

I am really particular about my whisks, I just like them to feel a certain way in my hand. I really like this whisk from The Pampered Chef, but whatever you like best will certainly work.


Once it’s decently mixed, pour it into the broth, onion, and potato mixture in your large pot.  Mix in well and then add another 1/2 cup of milk and 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream or half and half.  We drink skim milk in our house so the heavy cream just adds some additional flavor to the soup but you can certainly do 4 cups of milk, your preference.

Add the salt, pepper and fresh thyme to the soup and mix well.  I adore fresh thyme in soup, there’s just something about it that helps elevate the flavors over the top, but you can use dried thyme if that’s all you have handy.  Do your first taste for seasonings… does it need more salt?  More pepper?  More thyme?


Cook the mixture over medium heat until it starts to thicken to your preference.  It IS possible to cook potato soup until it’s overthickened, so keep an eye on it until it is how you prefer.

Now stir in the reserved ham, half the bacon, the sour cream, 1 1/2 cups of  shredded cheese and half of the scallions.


Cook, stirring frequently for 3-5 minutes until the cheese melts and the soup is thoroughly heated.  Taste for seasonings a second time.  I usually add some freshly cracked black pepper and maybe some salt grinder salt at this juncture, as I think they add more taste than the salt and pepper you just shake out (though that’s what I used above when I added salt/pepper/thyme).


Ladle into bowls and top with a smidge of bacon, scallions, a touch of shredded cheese and a turn or two of freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt, to taste and enjoy the complete silence at the table while people simply enjoy!  A Dish + Delish “A+” recipe.

Famous Loaded Potato Soup - This recipe for loaded potato soup will make you the go-to person when warm, creamy, comforting, delicious soup is called for. Filled with cheese, bacon, ham, sour cream or change it up, the recipe is that forgiving. dishanddelish.com


Do you have a family favorite potato soup?  What does your family like in their potato soup?  Share your comments below or tag  #dishanddelish on Instagram with a picture of your family favorite.  Happy eating!







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